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Welcome to the Inaugural BRG Healthcare Restructuring Conference

Businesses in transition face enormous financial and operational challenges, especially in overleveraged situations. As a result, providers, investors, and lenders in healthcare encounter significant risks and opportunities.

The 2018 BRG Healthcare Restructuring Conference will be held from April 9–10, 2018, at 3 West Club in New York City. The conference is expressly designed for stakeholders from across the healthcare continuum, including financial institutions, private equity firms, and their professionals as they take advantage of these opportunities.

It offers a unique opportunity for leaders to meet, discuss, and learn methods to identify the forces driving dislocation in healthcare and likely future risks in order to develop an investment strategy to address the opportunities that present themselves in industries in transformation.



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Conference Overview



2018 PROGRAM Preview


BRG is thrilled to welcome Gov. Jeb Bush as the featured keynote! Looking beyond the 2017 political climate, Bush will provide insight on an environment of futures that grows and changes from the interaction of new technologies, new pathways of care, and new economics. He will offer his experience as these deep disruptive trends mix and recombine to restructure healthcare in ways that are more powerful and fundamental.

Bush was elected the 43rd governor of the state of Florida on November 3, 1998, and was reelected by a wide margin in 2002. His second term as governor ended in January 2007. Prior to his governorship, he served as Florida’s secretary of commerce under Bob Martinez, Florida’s 40th governor. As secretary of commerce, he promoted Florida's business climate worldwide. Following an unsuccessful bid for governor in 1994, Bush founded the nonprofit Foundation for Florida’s Future, which joined forces with the Urban League of Greater Miami to establish one of the state’s first charter schools. 

Bush is one of America’s most experienced reformers and has led change by inspiring citizens, businesspeople, and policymakers. Before running for the Republican presidential nomination in June 2015, he served as the head of a consulting company whose clients ranged from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies. He offers comprehensive strategies to overcome difficulties by remaining focused on what matters most. An articulate student of policy, Bush dissects the current political climate by offering fresh insights on the hot-button issues in the news. He demonstrates his unwavering commitment to forging a better future for America as chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which focuses on transforming and providing an education system that maximizes every student’s potential for learning and prepares all students for success in the 21st century.


  • Healthcare Deal Strategies and Trends

  • The Cost-Cutting Imperative and Restructuring Strategies for Hospitals and Health Systems

  • Financial Market Challenges and the Impact on Not-for-Profit Hospitals

  • Regulatory and Reimbursement Influences:

    • Freestanding Surgical Centers

    • Large Multispecialty Group Practices

    • Increasing Reimbursements and Accurately Projecting Revenue

    • Behavioral Health

  • Integration 2.0 – Realizing Synergies post Transaction
  • The Politics of Healthcare

And More!